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Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Books?

Posted by Book Hooked at 7:14 PM

Hello Guys!

   As you can probably see, this is not a book review, it's actually a "Book Haul" post. So, I went to Barnes and Noble today and bought a couple of books. I don't know about you, but I go crazy every time I enter through those doors.

   The first books I picked up were; "Random" by Tom Leveen  "The Secret Diamond Sisters", and "Diamonds in the Rough" by Michelle Madow cause I've been wanting them for a little while. Then I saw "Famous Last Words" and I started fangirling. Yesterday, I was on Good Reads looking at my recommendations when this book appeared. I was quickly intrigued by the cover, so I decided to see what it was about. I still can't believe I actually found the book. Either way, I'm really excited to read this.

   I also bought "Everything leads to you" by Nina LaCour  as a result of my friend's recommendation. She has been talking marvelous things about it... I can't wait!

   The last book I picked up, I'm not so sure about. It's Beneath a Meth Moon" by Jacqueline Woodson. Don't get me wrong, it looks really interesting but I think this is one of those because that needs to be treated really carefully. Who knows? Maybe it'll surprise me, we'll see.

Expect reviews for all of them soon. Also, if you think there's any book I should read please let me know.


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